My first Month in NYC

It was nothing but a dream living in New York City. Everyday there is so much that you can do, places you can see, people you can meet. In a big city like this, there is no opportunity that you cannot miss!

It’s nice to be in a hot pot for all famous events around the world. I have always been a fan of Tennis and when I arrived here, I made sure I watch the famous US Open Tennis Championship in person.

I was excited to see the Tennis players I have been watching on TV see them in real life! The energy and determination they put out there in every game reminds me how one person can do so many things if you believe in your dreams. The audience’s energy was something I have never experienced before because it’s very different when you just watch it on screen.

One thing that shocked me was during the event, you can drink alcohol in your seat while watching the game. I thought it was very freeing!

My favorite tennis player as of now is Carlos Alcaraz. He is a Spanish tennis player who achieved so many championship goals in just being 18 years old! He is the US Tennis Open Champion for Men in 2022 and he is currently the World’s No. 1 in Tennis.

The audience was very energetic and it was full of Spanish audience ready to cheer on Carlitos, even dancing and showing the Spanish flag around the stadium. It’s amazing how sports can unite people and show passion for a person representing the country – but also that pressure on the player to do the best he can be, which made me admire Carlitos’ handling of the constant pressure at such a young age and always giving his 110%.

I have always wanted to watch the US Open Tennis Championship and this for me was something I can only experience in the US. I am glad I arrived here just in time for it, as well as the start of Fall season which is my favorite season. I am sure this won’t be the last sports event I’ll be going to as there are other famous sports events I want to go to in New York.


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