A Night Full of Laughs

I wasn’t planning to laugh that much, but the combination between my favorite podcast and a stand up show was an awesome recipe for that. I had a good dose of dopamine and endorphins.
The podcast was doing a live tour and when they came to Miami was my opportunity to enjoyed in real life, not just through Spotify. I went with a friend, we meet at the place and to my surprise it wasn’t a conference room type. It ended up being a Stand up place. First time going to a place like this. It was a restaurant with a small stage for the comedian. I really liked the plan, we had dinner and a few margaritas. Even though it was a podcast show, maybe because of the place, it ended up being a mix between that and a stand up show. I was impressed because it was really good. We were happy with our margaritas and enjoying the show.
The topic was about love myths that we grew up with, some of them happened to me, some didn’t. But it was hilarious to remember a lot of stories that I basically told myself growing up that were completely absurd and I don’t even know from whom or where I got that info. And because of all the people laughing around me I guess I wasn’t the only one believing that kind of things. Good that I know a little bit more about love and relationships now.
Next time I want to go to a 100% stand up show, for sure I will laugh a lot. I am open to recomendations about comedians shows for begginers like me. In case you really like one comedian let me know!
Some more months of this experience to enjoy, see you soon!

Laura Velasco


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