Festivals in Tucson

There has been a lot of fun this month in Tucson. Starting at the lighting design studio, it has been a very exiting period because schematic  lighting and interiors designs for new residencial projects have started.

There has laso been many cultural things going on in the city in November .To begin, it would be important to mention a local festival called Tucson Meet Yourself, it has been celebrated every year since 1974 and founded by the University of Arizona Folklorist and Anthropologist Dr.James Griffin also called “Big Jim” the aim of this festival would be to promote support and honor traditional arts and heritage local practices, including music, arts, crafts, food and many others. It takes a place in Downton, Tucson where you can feel a great atmosphere due to respect for traditions, culture and diversity, it is also amazing to see hoy the community get together for the celebration.

Additionally in this month, yo can experience the All Souls Procession Week, which has been recognised as one of the most important, inclusive and authentic public ceremonies in the country. The event as created by the local artist  Susan Johnson, who after the passing of his father found a celebratory approach to memorialising him. Susan inspired many artists and the procession start growing, now there are over 150,000 participants who walk the streets of downtown for proximately two miles. At the procession you can find altars, performers, costumes, installation arts that have been prepared for over half of year as offerings.

The last even to mention would be the DUSK music festival. At dusk you can find an incredible lineup of restaurants, food trucks and chefs,  since they are partnering with TICSON FOODIE’S ADAM LEHRMAN, there is also Tucson arts, an experience crafted by the team at Monsoon Collective and partnership with the University of Arizona can find light sculptures, digital art, video projection and lighting displays throughout downtown.

Sebastian Espinoza

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