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5 Online Resources that Help Fuel Your Love for Architecture

If you need some new sources for inspiration, research, and/or relaxation, we have got you covered! We have compiled 5 key online resources for you to be able to take advantage and get ahead!

Now that our personal and professional life are even more online, it is important to understand how to properly use the internet to benefit your creativity, and not negatively impact your mental health. Without a clear divide between when work ends and when it begins, you must make sure that you have clear barriers in your life for a healthy work / life balance. As an Architect &/or Designer, your job creates an environment where you are constantly questioning the structures we cohabit and thus it is difficult to disconnect sometimes.

We have compiled a quick list of 5 online resources every Architect and/or Designer must know about to keep the balance right in your life!

1.) Architectural Association and the Resources provided for Free

Although the Architectural Association is a University it provides many resources and online virtual meetings for free. They are open to the community in order to insure that there are less barriers to creativity and success, not less. Make sure you take advantage of all the resources they have to offer, especially when you are looking for more in-depth research to find inspiration for a new project.

2.) Arts and Architecture

Arts and Architecture provides you with a database of selected projects from issues of the Magazine ranging from 1945 to 1967. It provides you with a window into the past, and a better understanding of how Architecture has progressed and changed over time. The website is constantly changing and new magazines are added every week as they are being digitized. It is always a pleasure to check out the “new” work of Architects from the 50s and 60s and onward.

3.) Archinform

Archinform is another resource that is a database, but this site provides you with more variety because it focuses on the profile of Architects and Designers from all over the world. They have over 82,000 projects documented going back decades, and their database continues to grow due to their active user base, and dedicated contributors. Make sure you take a look and learn about the history of your craft.

4.) Architecture Lab

Architecture Lab, similar to Archinect, provides you with another magazine resource that keeps you up-to-date about possible competitions to join, free resources, news, and contests that you can join. Make sure you are active in the Architectural community globally, not just locally, cause you never know what kind of opportunity you might be able to enjoy.

5.) Earth Architecture

Most important, is to have a resource like Earth Architecture, which gives you the sustainable dynamic every time. You must be aware of how Architecture and Design is pushing forward our change towards sustainable energy and coexistence with Mother Nature.

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