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Show confidence with 99 action words!!

When it comes to writing the perfect Resume, or even the content inside your Portfolio there might be times that you get stuck and you don’t know how to write a specific phrase or point. While it may seem that your work alone is enough, the content in your Resume is just as important. Just as you use keywords to search for potential open job opportunities, employers also use keywords to screen through applicants to find those that fit for the position. So it is important that you use ” action words “, or verbs that demonstrate how you have accomplished or successfully completed something. As it is known that sometimes keywords are in fact used to match the applicant to that job description.

We believe that these tips from the Architect-US team will help you increase the traffic of views of your CV/Portfolio and get you noticed more in your applications. If you continue having a hard time and want a second opinion in your work. Make sure to send your stuff our way, we would be happy to take a look at it. Here we leave you 99 action words that you can use in your CV and Portfolio. We recommend that you use them in the beginning bullet points so that you can quickly establish what you did.


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