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How the J1 Visa Program can help you target your applications and get employers excited about your work

Often times when we are in the job application process, we spend too much effort in our material and not in utilizing the opportunity of re-directing our effort towards our employer. While making sure that your cv, cover letter, and design portfolio is in tip-top shape is good, there are other ways in which you can get the attention of the employer. That is by personalizing your work and material for the companies which you seek out the most. Naturally, we like to put too much focus in ourselves, and that happens to most of us. While in some cases that can be of some benefit, it also has its drawbacks. The strategy that you should aim to follow is to allow them to see a wide array of work which demonstrates range in capabilities and in your creative potential. If you have invested some of that time in researching the companies that interest you the most, you can then tailor your presentation to them so that your work stands out to the employer. A job which the Selection Committee at Architect-US will help you with when they are reviewing your work before presenting it to companies.

As a rule, we should always try to be as informed as we can when taking a big step like this and when learning about the benefits that a J1 visa program entails, and it is certainly a good start to making your dream of working in a US company a reality. If the Selection Committee feels that there is unexploited potential in one of the projects or something that is missing from the portfolio that we can see in the Resume, they will make sure to reach out to those that have applied to the Job+J1 Visa program. That way, once our team has received the different traits and qualities from the Employer that they are looking for in candidates, we can guide them to making the changes that best display their work and increase their chances of getting picked by the company. Essentially making sure that they fit the criteria the employer is after and making sure that they check as much of the boxes possible so that the employer realizes that they are candidate they have been looking for.  Today, the world is very competitive and depending on your work, years of experience, and dozens of other factors, the chances of you fitting the requirements that a certain position entails will change. However, our team will guide you in your work and presentation so that you meet the eye of the companies that you are dreaming of so that the dream becomes a reality in a short period of time.


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