The Guggenheim Museum and its Close Hidden Church-Cafe

After spending the spring in New York, you start to understand that there is actually not a spring but rather a little warmer but really rainy winter. Hence, many of your outdoor plans due to the constant rain or the cold weather fall apart and leave you hanging thinking what to do instead.

Well museums are a great option for these days where being outside means just having a total shower or getting a big cold that will keep you in bed for days. So I wanted to suggest you a incredible morning plan for people who want to visit the Guggenheim or are around that area.

For those who don’t know exactly where the Guggenheim is, it is located in the 5th Av. right next to the great lake where you can find thousands of people taking a good picture. So if it is not raining when you are around I would definitely recommend you to walk around the lake and get tons of pictures of this beautiful and really photogenic place in central park and the many small but stunning bridges around.

And just through the exit near this lake in he East side, you can just start seeing the Guggenheim museum, one of the must-visit museums of the city specially if you are an architect or just interested in architecture.

This museum is a masterpiece of Modern Architecture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, an architect that dedicated part of his life to experiment with concrete, a really malleable and flexible material that allow him to create amazing pieces such as this one here in New York. It is impressive to see a 40 meter long ramp where the different art pieces are exhibited in. It is a unique way of looking at art, standing in a ramp and looking to a piece where you can see he ceiling also tilted is unique from the Guggenheim and something worth experiencing at least once in you life.

I have to admit I visited the museum for its architecture but the exhibition was worth going too. I had the chance to see Hilma Af Klint art which was as good as the architecture of the piece.

After a long and good spent morning in the Guggenheim we wanted to keep walking around central park and we had the luck to see the church that is near the museum (The Church of the Heavenly Rest). It is a beautiful church that was featuring at the time we went, an art installation based on Origami. Thus, the ceiling full of hanging origami birds was turning purple with the light coming through the color windows, producing a magical space.

And we were not only lucky to see this beautiful church ans installation but to have lunch in one of its lateral aisles (Bluestone Lane), where a small cafe serves food and drink in an incredibly special place.



Paula Lopez

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