Second month succeeded! Temperatures are slowly going down and winter it will come soon! The city it is starting to look like wintertime, and I love it!

Life in the offices is going smoothly, I love the project, and the team I have to say that I feel super comfortable and completely integrated in the office dynamic! Today I wanted to share a small part of my daily life in NYC. It鈥檚 been two months since I moved and there no day, I don’t feel amazed with this view when I go for a walk during break time at work in Dumbo. I love this area, it combines the and noisy bridge, the crowd business and design offices buildings with the peace of the river facing Manhattan. It鈥檚 just so inspiring I feel really lucky I am working in such a nice area; I won鈥檛 never forget this place!

I recommend everyone to come here and walk around, visit the Empire Store Building and go to the roof to have a drink while enjoying the views! Nice plan for a Friday evening after an intense week of work! 馃槈 聽This area also has some new galleries that are popping up, cute stores and cafes. My favorite is Burrow, it is an Asian bakery in Jay Street that has amazing cooking and cakes, if you like organic, natural non artificial flavors you would love this place! I have to say that I am not a sweet person and I can鈥檛 resist to buy something every time I pass in front of the cafe. It is kind of hidden in the lobby of an office building but the smell will guide you inside!

I feel that I am getting familiar with the neighborhood and I love it, but still have to explore more, two months it is not enough! Let鈥檚 go for the next 10 months!

Maria Diego

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