Getting ready for the jump!

I have always felt attracted to New York. I can’t remember when that interest showed for the first time, but I can tell that it was long ago. It is something that you have in mind, but that you always think of as unreachable and you keep going with your day a day living without giving a second thought to it.

I finished school, I got my degree in Architecture, I made the Master and I started working as an architect. I was just following the steps. But after all that, I felt that there was something that did not completely fit.

I had the luck to work in many places, in different domains, not only in architecture, and even in different countries. I am constantly moving and going into new projects and that has helped me to gather some life and work experience. But regarding architecture there has always been something missing. I had the chance to work in different architecture related firms. Each one of them had a different work philosophy and worked with different kind of projects. I have done contests, small size projects, big international projects, management, refurbishment, interior design and even furniture design. But I feel that I still need something more, and that is why I decided to jump into this new adventure, to see architecture from a new completely different perspective.

I first heard of Architect-US at my university, but I didn’t make the step to sing up until a friend recommended them to me later. Once I was into the pool it was all on. It took longer than I thought as I was looking for a particular kind of architecture and I wanted it to be in NY. There was a moment when I even thought that I wasn’t going to make it as I had a personal deadline to meet. But in the end there was a match and I am really looking forward to start working with them!

My visa has just been approved and now I am getting ready for the jump! 🙂

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