First time in a pumpkin patch

Hola everyone!

It’s October, and in the US that means that it’s Halloween time! This is something that used to feel really American to me. In my home country, people celebrate it on the night of the 31st, but I’ve always had the feeling that it was something that we didn’t really know how to do.

Well, here, is a completely different story. Halloween is not just a day, it’s a whole month of decorations and celebrations. Every place changes its tones to fall colors – orange and yellow are now everywhere – the supermarkets start to sell pumpkins and Halloween decorations, and the houses start to be super spooky. It’s really cool to just walk around the different neighborhoods and see all the different people’s creations, some of them are really masterpieces.

But, definitely, the part that I have enjoyed the most, was going for the first time to a Pumpkin Patch. I didn’t know about the existence of such a thing, and I loved it. I hope I am not the only one, so, for those who don’t know what a Pumpkin Patch is either, it is a huge piece of land with a pop-up pumpkins store for the month of October. It’s an interesting place to visit because you can just go there and spend a couple of hours just taking pictures, choosing your favorite pumpkin to carve, and drinking some hot chocolate.

After that, we had a small pumpkin carving party at home. We decorated the house super “halloweenie”, watched some Halloween movies, and my friends taught me how to carve the pumpkins. I had so much fun, we even made a pumpkin cake, it was delicious!

Alejandro Alonso

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