First day working at David Bers

First day working at David Bers Architecture

Tomorrow it’s going to snow. And it’s gonna be the first day working at David Bers as a paid employee.

My experience in this amazing city, New York it’s been great and fast, I’ ‘ve already visited 5 museums, went to 1 NBA game, spent 1 weekend outside the city and 4 weeks inside it: the first month is gone.

When you come to America as a European everything is like you are used to seeing in the movies. The rhythm is not an exception.

The first day working at David Bers I stepped into the office and I was already inside a meeting. I had lunch at 4 pm but I really appreciated the hands-on approach I had to face. It forces you to prove your talent and learn by making mistakes. So now I am working on a big project, a conversion of an industrial building into art spaces. I like the scale and the context of it. Getting along with the team wasn’t difficult at all, I think that the particular focus on extreme detail and the unconventional workflow naturally collected in the office people that ultimately like what they are doing. Sometimes it can be frustrating to work on one single drawing piece for entire weeks, but it makes you understand the project very deeply, and when you print the final version of something you really conquered it. The weeks are unfolding so fast that I don’t even have time to complain about a Monday because a Friday after work drink is already in front of me. It’s also true what they say about New York. The sensation is that the only way to relax is working on a personal project, find something that needs dedicated time and an aim. I still haven’t found what I am looking for, but the sensation is enough for the moment. It’s a city that forces you to be exposed and to look for more exposure. Let’s see what’s next.

Alberto Pizzoli

Architect, born in Verona in 1988.


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