No, I’m not Greek, I’m not a mathematician, neither my name is Archimedes, I have not discovered anything yet … but … I can shout it loud and clear. I will explain myself. Finally all my Spanish documentation is in order and soon I’ll go to the United States. New York, New York there I go. If everything goes well, I will be working the following 18 months. As my grandmother say, “if God wants, yes”.

First, I would like to thank Architect-US for the given opportunity. Also to thank Patricia and Sonia for their support and comprehension during the whole process. Their help must be qualified as essential, inestimable, valuable and incalculable, and would add more adjectives but I must review my knowledge of English language and literature and for the moment I leave it like this. But I insist, thanks.

I will give you some clues about me. I finished a double degree in Product Design and Architecture. Then I spent some time working in Madrid, and in February 2019 I decided to look for a job in USA. I dove in a long process that includes: interviews, emailing, telephone calls, red tape. Finally, April 2019 arrived and I got an incredible offer in NY, the world’s capital.

I have received a lot of support from my family, both mom and dad. My mom is a doctor; she is always traveling and knowing the world. My dad, on his side, is a lawyer/writer and he helps me with all the bureaucracy. They have already eaten the world so my time has come!

Such joy produced me that, that little by little I started to find out American data. Naturally, with my American experience, I will reveal soon this topics in my following “posts”. At the present time I have begun to study some geography, mainly states and capitals. During those studies, I got into the doubt and my parents mock me with, something like this “… hahaha, and you blelieved that you are the most prepared generation, you know nothing …” By the way, this comments reminded me the famous “you know nothing Jon Snow”. Well, as I said before, I am going to change my parents’ mind and I will have to make an effort to surpass them. Better late than never.

I am waiting for my visa. In a few days it will arrive. I am willing to know where I will live. Manhattan, Brooklyn or another place? Besides, I am thinking how the day to day in New York will be. To sum up, my desire is to be an authentic professional in the American soil with a little help from uncle Sam.

Who has not heard “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra, I like most the line “If I can make it there. I’ll make it anywhere”. Although I’ve heard more about Madonna and her “I love New York”. Anyway, next days I am going to live in the big Apple

Dear Spain, although farewells are hard, I have enjoyed so much my last days with you, see you soon!

Until then, kisses and hugs to all the readers, and especially to Patricia and Sonia on behalf of Architect-us.

Alicia Buades

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