The Phantom of the Opera

I visited the famous Broadway musical show – The Phantom of the Opera. It was an absolutely incredible experience. The music, voices, dances and scenery were awesome!

I am an architect, so when I go to the theater, I always pay attention to the scenery. All the time I was thinking about how you can calculate all these movements around the stage, the transformations, the flying chandelier and stairs that change direction. Light effects complemented the architecture. It was real magic. I was really impressed with this part of the show. There were rooms without one wall. They appeared from the darkness. The absence of the wall allowed you to feel like you was inside the scene. There were huge staircases, like in a castle or a palace. And it appears and disappears from darkness and changes each other. Forged grates were lowered from the ceiling and became part of the spectacle. I think it is very interesting to be a decorative artist in the theater.

The music, the choreography and the voices were great, but I saw a lot of amazing performances in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. I really enjoyed the show, but I was not surprised by this part of the show. I was surprised at how the audience treated the show. You can buy popcorn and soda during the spectacle. Looks like you were at a baseball game. People around me were constantly eating. It was so strange and funny, because the actors sang about love, and at the same time you could hear chewing. I had a dissonance feeling. When you go to a theater in Russia, you cannot imagine what people eat during a performance. As for clothes, people wore sport trousers and baseball caps. It was strange to me too.

But what surprised me the most was the advertising at the end of the show. The main actor goes to bow and after applause begins to advertise t-shirts and calendars that can be bought at the exit. What it that?! At first I could not believe my ears. I cannot imagine that the main actor of the Mariinsky Theater or The Bolshoi Theater will start advertising bags.
In any case, I was very interesting and fun experience. If you will be in NYC you should go to this show!

Maria Malygina


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