Summer Time in NYC = Rooftop time!

I’ve alway’s loved the Summer!!!
The fact of having really cold weather during the winter makes the summer in NYC even more special.
I feel that, here, I wait for the Summer as I used to wait for Christmas when I was a child.
One of the biggest differences comparing to European Summer is that you not only enjoy it on the terraces but also you live it more close to the sky, on the rooftops, and it’s amazing!

It´s one of the best things about NYC’s Summer! I feel that beer after work has a different taste if you drink it enjoying the view, it’s magical!

I will never get tired of the amazing views from the skyscrapers.
You have a lot of different choices and different views. Below you can find a list of some nice rooftops:

  1. Le Bain
  2. The roof 
  3. The Press Lounge 
  4. The Magic Hour
  5. 230 Fifth 
  6. Pod 39
  7. The Crown 
  8. Mr. Purple
  9. The William Vale
  10. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Rooftop

Some of them are a bit expensive but it worth to save some money to enjoy them!


Margarida Cleto


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