The beginning of a new challenge!

Since I finished my career at the university I had the dream of having professional experience in the USA but as time went on, my reality enveloped me and I started my professional experience in my country, which gave me a strong architectural knowledge but when I realized that I was in charge of big projects, I started asking myself, What did  happen with my crazy dream that I had when I finish my career at university? Did I want to make it true actually? At that moment I realized that I wanted a new challenge in my career!

I was sure it was now or never; I mean, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Isn’t it? So, there was a friend who recommend me Architect-us and I didn’t overthink, I just decided to take the risk and it was the best decision because the whole paperwork process to get the J1 Visa was much easier. All I must worry about was finding an internship or training position in the USA, so I started to send my resume to different companies and when I least expected it, I got a job opportunity in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia has the mixed of two thing that I love, the history and modernity. The transition of time that you can see in its streets is impressive! You can be walking through the center city where you can see a variety of modern buildings and suddenly you realize you are walking through old city, where you can feel the history in the architecture. It is amazing! I do believe that this is going to be a wonderful experience in my life, and I will gain a lot of architectural knowledge.

To finish, as an Architect I have a lot of goals to make it and thank to Architect-us I am a few days away from making my dream come true. So, if you have a dream, not matter how hard it seems, never give up.  Don’t be afraid to take risk because that’s what life is about!

Gianina Aldazábal


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