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Tennessee: My 12th State

Moving to America is probably the most challenging yet exciting part of my life so far. Besides the joy of working for an American company and be able to have an in-depth experience of how they work and know how they make projects from scratch to reality (which is pretty awesome), I have the opportunity to travel to different places in America and witness how diverse their culture is in every state. In less than a year, I’ve already been to places in Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Georgia, Nevada, California, Michigan and of course, New York – where I am currently residing. Last April we flew to Tennessee from Watertown, making Tennessee the 12th state that I had the opportunity to set foot in.

We stayed in Clarksville which is roughly about an hour from Tennessee’s capital and most populous city which is Nashville. We visited Cummins Falls National Park which is amazingly beautiful. The sun was shining so bright but the trees provided us shade and the sound of the water streaming was a beautiful background to hear while walking. We walked for about half an hour to get to the waterfall. I think that is the most beautiful body of water that I have ever seen so far. It is always one of the best therapeutic things to do while on vacation, being one with nature.

The next day, we went to Nashville and visited number of pubs and bars and pretty much listened to all kinds of music which Nashville is known for. There are hundreds of bars, pubs, arts center, and museums that you can go to. The place is also known as the home of country music; people from different places flock there everyday to experience its beauty and soul. I have never loved a place where hundreds of bars are present in one location and they are all good music played by so many talented artists. You’ll never not love Nashville because of that!

I still have 8 months to seize the opportunity of traveling, meet other people, be exposed to different cultures and events. This country is so beautiful and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to see and visit these places. I just hope I can make every travel memorable and unforgettable. I can’t wait to go back home because I definitely have tons of stories to tell to my family and friends.

Gessa Abriol

Filipino Architect.

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