j1 visa experience in Florida
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And I say goodbye to my J1 Visa Experience in Florida!

I cannot believe I have to say goodbye, my J1 Visa Experience in Florida is getting to the end. I said it many times during my  J1 Visa experience at Romero VanRell Jeng And Associates,  time flies, and 18 months of the program may seem long but it isn’t and flies. I think back when I got here and this J1 Visa experience in Florida truly gives you a different perspective on how you see life as a young professional.

My recommendation to anybody in my trainee position 18 months back is that you should not hesitate for a moment. It is true that you will have difficult moments, your are living miles of kilometers away from your home and surrounded by many other different cultures but all contribute to adding up and now I am sad to say goodbye to my J1 Visa Experience in Florida. The huge personal growth that you experience is something beyond I could have ever imagined. My perception is that the world is not as big as it seems and we are not that far between us. You would like to meet every part of it and to meet every part of my work at Romero VanRell Jeng And Associates. At least is how I see things now. I feel that I could be anywhere and get something extraordinary about the experience. For me, this is the best present that I get out of it.

So finally, this is not really a goodbye to my J1 Visa Experience in Florida, is something that just started! I would like to thank everybody who took part in this from my coworkers at Romero VanRell Jeng And Associates, the friends that now I will have for life, organization and of course to Architect US for making everything easier!

See you around!

Ignacio Cerrón


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