Summary of the New York experience

My J-1 visa experience as an architecture trainee in New York City exceeded all my expectations. Throughout the program, I had the privilege of working alongside renowned architects, immersing myself in the city’s vibrant architectural scene, and honing my skills.

Working at WORKac, a prestigious architecture firm in the heart of NYC was a pivotal experience. I was exposed to a wide range of projects, from iconic skyscrapers to innovative residential designs. Collaborating with talented professionals allowed me to actively contribute to the design process, expand my technical expertise, and refine my creative thinking.

Living in New York City as a J-1 visa holder was an adventure in itself. The city’s energy and diversity provided endless inspiration. I explored iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Central Park, and the High Line, each with its unique architectural style. Attending lectures, exhibitions, and networking events further enriched my knowledge and expanded my professional network.

The J-1 visa program also fostered cultural exchange. I formed lifelong friendships with fellow trainees from around the world, sharing experiences and perspectives that broadened my global outlook. Engaging in community activities and cultural events deepened my understanding of American culture and allowed me to contribute to the local community. my favorite part about cultural exchanges is being immersed and learning about different cultures. It is very enriching.

In summary, my J-1 visa experience as an architecture trainee in New York City was truly transformative. It pushed me to grow both personally and professionally, expanding my creative boundaries and shaping my career trajectory. The skills, connections, and global perspective I gained during this experience will undoubtedly impact my future endeavors as an architect. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity and excited to make a positive contribution to the field of architecture.

Sarah Sioufi


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