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NYC whew from Hoboken

Just a few days until a new adventure begins!!!

When I found out about Architects-Us I couldn’t believe it, It was exactly what I was looking for, I have always wanted to work in the US as an architect but I knew it was difficult. So when I read about Architects-Us I knew it was the right choice for me.

I began my search for an interview in September and after two months I had my first one, It didn’t go like I planned so I didn’t get an offer, but Patricia told me to be patient, she told me I would get more opportunities. In March I got my second and third interview and both went really good, I got a job offer from MVMK, an architecture firm based in Hoboken, NJ.

Since then everything has happened really fast, all the paperwork was done very quickly and the last step had come, I had my visa appointment last Friday. I was a bit worried but after a few questions, my visa got approved!.

I start my trainee program for 18 months the 15th of April and I couldn’t be more excited. Patricia and all the team from architects.us are very professional and will help you with any doubt you have.



Cristian Daniel Cordova

Trainee at MVAHoboken

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