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Hollywood Sign

Did you know that you can get very close to the Hollywood sign? Have you ever imagined the thrill of coming close to one of the world’s most famous symbols?

Built in 1920 by H. J. Whitley, it was originally written «Hollywoodland» (built to announce a real estate complex), but in 1949 the «land» was removed. For about 4 decades it was completely abandoned, and only during the late 70s that it was restored and became one of the world’s most famous symbols.

From several points of the city it is possible to see it, with its 14 meters of height and 9 to 12 meters of width each letter. The easiest and most practical way to photograph the famous board is from inside the Hollywood Highland. The mall is on the Walk of Fame and allows us a good view of the sign. Closer to the sign, there is the Griffith Observatory. From the top of the hill you will be on the same level as the sign. From there you can follow a 8km trail that leads to the sign. Yes! You can get there, but the path is not the easiest. Wear comfortable clothes and face the ascent of Mont Lee.

It is not possible to touch the letters and the closest you will get is on its back and between safety railings, but the view of the city of Los Angeles is amazing from up there.

There is another way (for me is the easiest way) to get to the sign. You go to the address: 3200 Canyon Dr LA and there you will find two free parking lots. The first one is bigger and easier to find a parking spot. You should go early in the morning or during the week because the place is crowded on the weekends. Everything you have to do is to follow the trial. It took me three hours round-trip, considering time for pictures and etc, but it is very easy. I saw children, dogs, horses and old people on my way to the sign. When you get close to the sign, there are two paths, one that leads you to the back of the sign and another one to a place right in front of the sign. I recommend you to go to both of them.


Victor Daldegan

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