I arrived at Philadelphia a month ago and I still can not believe it; in such a little time I lived a lot of experience that makes me happy about my decision to come here. It was not an easy decision but now I do believe that was the best decision ever.

One of the features that I love of Philadelphia is that is a walkable city, I mean it offers you a different kind of healthy activities to do like running on Kelly Dr that is located on Schuylkill river which is my favorite place because I can run on the weekend or I can riding bike and go to the Wissahickon Valley park.

However, the city also offers you other sort of activities, like the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show that is the nation’s largest and longest-running horticultural event, so I did not overthink, and I decided to go. I must say that the event exceeded my expectations. There was different thematic spaces and my favorite was the design concepts room, where you can saw how the landscape designers mix the flower, texture and light in order to create a wonderful piece of art.

In addition to this, I was impressive how the organizers planned this event because they focused it as a path of experiences ending in the sales sector and in this space, I saw different type of products since flower arrangement to jewelry.

To sum up, Philadelphia brought me a lot of experience to live in a short time and I feel that I still have to know much more!

Gianina Aldazábal

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