Lecture Time

It’s been now a while since I’ve started this experience in the United States and since I’ve arrived I have always tried to be proactive and to pick up each and every experience on my way. I always found lectures a very precious opportunity of growth and exchange. It’s something I always did when I was attending university back home. I knew where to search, which events to attend and took treasure of them, in the end it’s from knowledge and exchange of points of views that ideas start taking shape.
I so started searching and looking for lectures, events and open offices also here in Ny. Semester just started and with it also the session of open lectures organized by universities. For instance, one of the first presentations I went to was organized by Columbia and gave me the chance to interact with one of OMA’s partners. If you are looking for these kind of events take also a look at The Architectural League, they organize some very interesting lectures and if you are lucky enough your firm might be a member. Being a member means you have the chance to attend events for free as well as to attend specific openings such as Open Offices that are reserved uniquely to members. There is still a chance to participate even if you do not have a membership paying a very little amount that is definitely worth it. As mentioned previously the Architectural league also organizes Open Offices on the first Friday of the month. If you’ve always dreamt of wandering around some of the most renowned firms this is the perfect chance, I have never partook at these event, I am very curious and I am really looking forward to the next one!

Giulia Pierotti

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