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Connecticut Lakes

Connecticut Lakes

Since the pandemic of Covid 19 and the daily remote work my daily live changed and became very lonely . After contacting a friend of mine in Connecticut i moved from the suburbs of Boston, Salem to the suburbs of Hartford, from Massachusetts to Connecticut state.

Connecticut is one of the 50 states of united stated in New England region, being limited by north of Massachusetts , East for Rhode Island, South Long Island and West New York. The main river is the Connecticut river. The word Connecticut come from numerous spellings of Algonquian word for ‘long tidal river’, naming the state Connecticut River. The river placed in the center of the state define the state morphology from mountains and sea level beaches.

The life in Connecticut seems to be much different , highways surrounded of big woods and a lot of beautiful lakes were the inhabitants spend their summer time. Connecticut has more than 60% of its total surface covered by wood and a total of 3000 lakes, ponds and reservoirs, what a wonderful landscape.

However, what seems to be nature work at the first look, it is mainly men work. Many of the lakes and ponds were built to answer the necessity of industrial and commercial purposes. Created since the ‘’ 18th to late 19th centuries by damming rivers and streams and harnessing the power of falling water to spin water wheels and later turbines’’ Hartford Courant.

According  to the https://www.thecrazytourist.com/ website  the best 15 Lakes of Connecticut being Squantz Pond( Fairfield County) and Candlewood Lake, the biggest with 5,420 acres, and created to produce electricity (Fairfield & Litchfield Counties) the most popular where some tourist do scuba diving to explore the underwater buildings and roads from 18th century.

“A lake,” as Thoreau remarked, “is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth’s eye.”  From Hartford  Courant newspaper.

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