Amazing Manhattan

Amazing Manhattan with Architect-US

What an amazing city!! This was my first thought when I came to New York a few months ago, back in January.

I came to the USA for an international exchange study program with The City College of New York. The original plan was to study the second semester of the 5th year of my Architecture degree, which lasted until the end of May. After that, I found a Summer Internship at an amazing company called FXCollaborative, also based in Manhattan.

After my internship ended, I got in touch with Architect-US to see if I had any chances of staying longer at this architecture firm. The help both companies provided me was extraordinary, so I was able to get another J1 Visa under the category of Intern in just a few weeks! Now I am back and more happy than ever.

From the office point of view, I could not be happier, not only because of the atmosphere but also for the responsibilities I have.

I am sure that 10 months in NYC have not been enough to discover every inch of the city. Having said that, I am very happy Architect-US gave me the possibility of 12 extra months in the amazing Manhattan.

Let’s keep living the dream!

Alejandro Tintore


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