my first site visit

My first site visit

As part of Architect-US program we, interns, are encourage to start new tasks and learn different skills through our practice.  Recently I had the opportunity to go for the first time to a site visit in US and I found it to be a great experience.

I started to participate in a fun and interesting project in Jersey City with Jorge Mastropietro Architects, New Jersey, in addition to an existing garage in a redevelopment area. The first step was to experience my first site visit, going to the site to take dimensions and discover the existing conditions. Not only was it amazing to be part of the team at this stage but also get to know the owners of the building, their emotions, and feelings towards the place.

Once we were done, we continued to another building in progress located nearby and I was able to see and experience a completely different way of working. In my country, we usually use traditional technology for construction, which provides a unique environment. Everything is done on site by «craftsmen» and there is a feeling that any mistake can be solved. Here, instead,  I could notice how every single part of the project had to be completely planned beforehand, there was no room to be wrong, every single part had to work perfectly together.

It was interesting and also challenging, getting to this point helps to realize the importance of teamwork and coordination in my first site visit. No matter how tiny your task may seem, it always turns out to be important for the result.

I love being able to discover another way of working thanks to this internship in New York. I am looking forward to continuing learning every day!.

Stefania Sconfienza


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