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Well, you’re in luck, because the J1Visa-US Career Training Program – the First Exchange Program specialized in J1 Visa Sponsorship for Internship and Training in the U.S. – aim to make your visa process a seamless and effortless journey. We are devoted to facilitating professional exchange, encouraging global dialogues and promoting cross-pollination among professionals from all over the world.


You may have heard of Architect-US Career Training Program –the First Exchange Program specialized in international Architects and Engineers interested in working in the United States, facilitating the liaison between rising global architectural talents and U.S. based firms and sponsoring the J1 Visa of participants as part of the U.S. Government’s Exchange J-1 Visitor Program.

That is our sister company, and we are currently on a mission to expand our reach beyond architects and engineers, offering our services to every professional by the J Visa Sponsorship with a will to gain professional experience in the U.S. We serve young professionals from fields including Accounting, Business, Engineering, Hospitality, Industrial Occupations, Marketing, Architecture, Mathematics, Public and Administration Law, Tourismand many more!

In 2018, Architect-US placed and managed the J1 Visa Sponsorship of participants from 30 different nationalities -Argentina, France, England, Spain, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Mexico, Hong Kong,…- making the American Dream of over 100 participants come true.


“I remember last year I was kind of lost and desperate to find a good job. And then I heard about J1Visa-US and they arranged me interviews with several firms and in a few months I was starting in NYC, living my American Dream in the city that never sleeps!”

Carlota Prada, Intern in NYC.

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The mission of J1Visa-US’s outreach is to change the culture of opportunities, advocating for talent and excellence, supporting our participants’ entrepreneurial spirit and boosting their international careers. Not only that, J1Visa-US  is conceived as a win-win Program: participants get the opportunity to live a unique professional experience and to gain entry into one of the most competitive markets of the world, by covering their J1 visa expenses; on the other hand, US firms get access to international talent at zero cost by offering participants waged internships or trainingsJ1Visa Program is a virtually free service to employers -they pay no program, visa or placement fees- while connecting and strengthening ties with young professionals eager to learn from American techniques and methodologies, who hail from Europe, South America, Asia, Canada and Australia. It frees the hosts from visa costs and paperwork and facilitates a speedy bureaucratic process (4-6 weeks).

“You can’t be a global practitioner without transfusion experiences between different cultures. Architect-US is great because it simplifies the process.”

Kenneth Drucker, Design Principal, HOK New York.

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Let’s get started!

The J1Visa-US Professional Career Training Program is overseen by the U.S. Government Exchange

J-1 Visitor Program under the Department of State’s regulations. We offer sponsorship for J1 Interns and Trainees. Qualification for the Program depends on whether you are applying for an intern or trainee role (learn more here). Nevertheless, there are three general phases for applicants of the J1Visa-US program.

Phase 1 (Registration):

Free and open to any graduates and professionals who meet the following entry requirements:
-Have an offer from a Host Company OR
-Is actively looking for a career
If you meet these requirements send to info@j1ivisa-us.com, the contact information of your Host
Company or specify if you are currently looking for a job opportunity in the United States.

Phase 2 (J1Visa-US Admission):

You will have a Program Advisor following your case personally, and he/she will be the person in
the charge of reviewing your documents and confirming your Program eligibility.
Likewise, a Program Advisor will review your Host Company documents to make sure they’re eligible
for the Program.
Once admission is granted, you must pay the Program fee, in order for J1Visa-US to start your Visa

Phase 3 (Visa Issuance):

J1Visa-US will assist your Host Company throughout the process of filling out the DS-7002 Training
Placement Plan, which will include all your Training Program Information: salary, hours per week,
participant’s goals, supervisor information…
Once the DS-7002 is submitted, we will send your DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status by FeDex to your home country, so you can schedule an appointment at the U.S. Embassy to get your visa.


So how much does everything cost and what is included? At J1Visa-US, we value transparency with our participants about all costs so that you know exactly what you’re getting into. Please check our Program Fees and email us at info@j1visa-us.com if you have any questions!





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