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International’s Influence working in Los Angeles

The city of angels, a metropolitan utopia of architecture. Los Angeles is synonymous for its famous areas such as Beverly Hills and Hollywood by outsiders, mostly because of what is seen on big cinema and television pictures, but there is much more to the story. Since the beginning of the mid-1800s, the first Chinese made their arrival into the city, seeking work in Los Angeles and a better and more profitable life. This was followed by the arrival of Koreans, Japanese, and Latinos who sought out the same fortune. Despite the ups and downs which its inhabitants endured – questionable politics, racism and culture clash – the city managed to thrive as a result of its heterogeneity. So much so that now Los Angeles has become a melting pot of artistic values and expressionism. A value which Architect-US instils in the future of the design and architecture world. Aiding young talented candidates with different cultures and ideas to cross-pollinate and bring the global architecture community closer together and eager to work in Los Angeles.

Today, Los Angeles is a city of massive opportunity with design firms which look to make use of international talent fresh with ideas that both attract new crowds and are still mindful of the locals. Foreign investment is invigorating the economy and reviving different development opportunities throughout the city. Architects and designers are being scouted to take part in these developments and continue the vibrant urbanism stage which the city has been experiencing throughout the last few years. One example of the many anticipated projects that will be inaugurated in the near future is the Grand, passion project of L.A.’s famous architect resident, Frank Gehry. Another anticipated project next to Frank Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall is The Broad museum, designed by Diller, Scofidio + Renfro.

A plus side for international trainees looking for an opportunity in the US is that among the many cities which are experiencing a bulk like this in construction, LA is considerably more affordable than its competitor cities, a simple fact that attracts a vast majority of the younger talent in their pursuit of employment at an American design firm. Another aspect is that sponsoring the J1 visa and international talents by offering them an opportunity at these firms gives them the opportunity to gain professional experience in the US while also benefiting and changing the ways which future projects are being tackled. Inarguably, much of the innovation and architectural beauty of the city is seen because of these vast culture mixes within the design language and ideology behind each iconic design. That is exactly what makes LA so great – the culmination of different viewpoints and ideologies coming together, creating a perfect harmony. Bringing trainees from overseas will undoubtedly allow LA to continue its development and eventually transform into a triumphant utopia of multicultural design.


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