Want a amazing, cheap and unique trip?! LET’S GO CAMPING!!! 

Hello guys!

The previous post was about a fancy trip from New York so I decided to show you another way of travelling, do you need a cheaper option? Camping is your thing!

I am not even an adventure-nature person, but California deserves to try it! And you know what? Totally worth it!

This time, I organized a trip for 7 people, we rented cars and drive to Jenkinson Lake, one of the hundred small ones surrounding Lake Tahoe. The campground is called Sly Park Recreation Area and has every kind of amenities for a weekend! We had an spot near the lake, with a fire ring, a grill…perfect for several hours of beers, bbq and gossip! The temperature was perfect, cool enough for a hike and warm enough for a swim! After 4 hours hiking we went to the shore and just relax on our floties! As you can see on the image, perfect plan.

I love it so much that I am going again in a month, I will tell you about it in one of my next posts!

FYI: Here you can find some of the best parks in California!


Carmela Hera


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