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It’s been a while since Architect-US’ inception and what a great ride it has been! We couldn’t be any happier with the feedback that we’ve received from past participants and host companies around the United States. We are humbled and grateful for those that have believed in our program and encourage the same values we’ve been imparting since day one. Celebrating with you all our Instagram family!

As we get more followers to our Instagram page, we’ve been trying to optimize the content so that it becomes your go-to tool for finding the right opportunity in the States. As a thank you for your continued interest and support of our beliefs and objectives our team has been working hard to make our Instagram page an easily accessible and valuable resource for you to find the information you need in a matter of seconds. By using the questions and feedback we’ve received from our past participants over the years, we’ve been adjusting our page to cover all aspects which are most important to you. That is why we encourage you take advantage of our page and the indispensable information we are providing. With years of experience and knowledge from our team of dedicated designers, we are confident we can help get you in the door to some of the most sought out companies in the US and ultimately find your dream job!

Here are some of the valuable tools easily accessible to you from our link in bio on our Instagram page:

  • OMA/DS+R Scholarship: learn about your chance of getting a scholarship worth € 7,000 and the opportunity to work in firms such as DS+R and OMA.
  • Job openings: Hot job listings available across the most demanded cities in the US by candidates interested in the J1 Visa program.
  • Our Blog: the Blog section at Architect-US is a great tool for you to learn about the Job+J1 program, life in the States, and most importantly how to maximize your potential and increase your chances of landing that dream job you’ve been looking for.
  • Weekly Openings: companies which are currently looking for a candidate like you that week.
  • FAQ: relevant surveys and answers to questions we get from you. About Architect-US, application process, Architect-US programs, important information prior and upon arrival in the U.S., eligibility requirements, Host Employers, J1 Visa definitions, J2 Visa info, and valuable tips and guides to perfecting your Portfolio and CV. This section will also give you an exclusive look into our team and how they can help you accomplish your dream!
  • Testimonials from our international architects working in the US: highlighted stories of content interesting to you that will give you the opportunity to learn from the experiences of previous participants. It will also provide you with important information such as U.S. guides and testimonials that will give you all the info you need for when you have found a placement.
  • News: Important news on the latest projects, technologies, and developments in architecture. You’ll also find interesting articles that will help you unwind and learn at the same time.

We will continuously add and update content important to you under the linked sections in our linktree. The other great resource to get the most of our industry know-how is by checking-out our highlighted stories linked to awesome articles shared by our program participants or created by or team with job tips, portfolio recommendations, your most frequent questions about the J1 Visa, testimonials from our partner companies and Q&A to know Architect-US from the inside! You’re more than welcome to use the images and descriptions in our wall to learn about the posts we share with you every week and news feeds that will keep you in the loop of updated information and relevant articles.


Our team -mostly consisting of architects and designers- understands the effort and commitment it takes to pursue a degree and a career in the field. That is why everyday we are amazed at the quality of work that we receive from individuals interested in the program, as well as their enthusiasm for the prospect to working in a reputable studio abroad. We know it takes a lot of hard work, sweat, and tears but with the right attitude and devotion to the skills you already possess, we’ve seen our participants reach the highest of aspirations. That is why we truly believe that you as young designers should never set a limit to what you can reach, we have seen numerous past program participants beat their highest of expectations and showcase their talent in esteemed architectural studios such as OMA, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Snøhetta, or SOM among others. Picking up experience and skills they’ve acquired for their careers after the Job+J1 Visa program.

With the help of the referrals which our program participants and partner companies have kindly shared, we’ve been growing our network around the world and continue opening more opportunities around the US. We have now become a Global Architecture Community that is 7000+ members strong (from 32 different nationalities) and a 250+ partner U.S. based companies. Recently, we’ve also initiated a collaboration with Fundación Arquia (The Arquia Foundation) which has helped provide prestigious scholarships to skilled candidates throughout Spain and Europe. More and more, as we’ve received emails and attended conferences, we are seeing companies sharing some of the same values and objectives as us, and it is really all thanks to the participants in our global community which continue to stun the industry with their creativity, talent, hard work and dedication. We couldn’t do it without you guys! If you don’t believe us, you don’t have to take our word for it, just look at our testimonials from our Blog section. There you will find interesting and helpful experiences and guides from our participant’s adventures during their stay.

Fortunately, our participants have been able to use this formative experience not only as a helpful tool for their future career in the field, but also to have fun and take in as much as they can from the American culture. Take one of our participants – Marta Calvinho– which achieved a position at Andre Kikoski architect in NYC as an example. Not only has she learned a lot during her stay in the Big Apple but realized that “time really does fly when you’re having fun”. Similarly to other candidates in different states across the US, she mentions that the “experience is perfect and exactly what I (she) dreamed it would be”.

Another past participant of ours – Matej Strbka– has shared his experience applying to the US on his own, and while yet doable, our team is dedicated to finding you an opportunity in the shortest amount possible with the least amount of hassle. Matej was able to get his dream opportunity with KFA architecture in California in just one month. Make sure to read his story, and if your dream is to stay in the US after the J1 Visa program is finished, make sure to also check out how the program helped Rodrigo Castroviejo achieve just that! In this growing cross-cultural world, we must take advantage of the experiences that are within our reach.

With the current situation with the global outbreak of COVID-19, we have to all abide by the regulations set forth by our government officials to help fight this common enemy. However, you mustn’t put your future on hold, use this opportunity to make improvements on your CV and Portfolios. If working in the US is something which interests you, we invite you to join the pool of participants which have greatly benefited from this experience and register in our   Job+J1 Visa Program. We will then send you detailed information (first steps, companies we work with, job search recommendations,…)to help you take the first steps to achieve your American Dream and be good to go once this situation has been resolved. So don’t forget to check out our Portfolio Plans or email us at training@architect-us.com! We are happy to help you with any doubts which you may have!

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out our Instragram page for the latest updates and news in Architecture. We now have more than 4000+ followers!

For now, stay safe and healthy and thank you again from the Architect-US family!



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