Skills that you get working in an American company

Skills that you get working in an American company

  • Inches and foots

All sizes are follow The United States customary system. It means that now I need to use inches and foots instead of familiar centimeters and meters. This is really big problem for any architect. For example, I remember that the width of the shoulders is 60 centimeters and I understand feel when the corridor on drawings is too narrow. I know that my arm span is approximately 1 and half meter and I usually use this size to realize the dimensions of a space or furniture. I also remember that a step height is 15 cm. A staircase become more dangerous when steps are higher. Now I need to transform all my knowledge about the construction dimensions and sizes of furniture. It is hard and will take some time. But this phenomenon allows me to expand my view of the world. I realize that the architect profession is not about knowledge of the dimensions. It is about the sense of space.

  • Paper size

One day I printed some of my documents. I realized that paper has the different dimensions because part of my document was cut. Architectural drawings at the US also have the different size. Russian architects use A4 paper format for documents, A3 and A2 paper format for final Architectural set of drawings. Here I usually use 11×17 instead of A3 format. The US Architects use 24×36 paper format use for the final set of drawings. It is approximately A1 format.

  • All problems are solve via telephone

This point really surprised me. When I need the latest version of the AutoCad I just call to Help Desk Supervisor and he immediately help me. All program software are installing with a help of TeamViewer. Some consultations and group conferences carried out with a help of telephone. It is really convenient because you just take the telephone and listen for your advisor and fix all mistakes immediately. It is quite and you don’t bother the neighbors.

  • Program software

When I came here I was already know the most popular architectural programs at Russia. It was AutoCAD, Sketch Up, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, 3ds Max, Vray, Revit, Rhinoceros and ArchiCad. Here I understand that I need to improve my skills in Revit. My colleagues are teaching me and it is really cool. I think the best way to learn a new program is to make a project in this program. Most of the time I use AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch Up and Power Point. Every day I learn a lot from my colleagues. Even if I thought that I really know the architectural program well, they show me something new.


I think it’s great when you work among people with a lot of professional experience.

Maria Malygina



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