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My J1 work experience with Architect-US: ready for New York!

Hi there! My name is Mercedes and this is my first post on the Architect-US blog. I am going to share with you a little bit of my experience with Architect-Us Career Training Program and how I got to know about it.

Last year I decided I wanted to have J1 work experience at an American firm or another International studio. I finally chose New York because I think, right now and on this field, this the place to be. Firstly, I tried it by directly sending my cv to the studios, but I just got replies like “how are you going to get your visa?” So I had to give up.  One day I came across the Architect-us site. I met Patricia García, director of the Professional Career Training Program, and I couldn’t be more thankful to her. She did not only explain everything to me but also arranged my interviews and helped me along with the whole process and the paperwork.

When I first contacted them, they asked me about my job priorities for my j1 work experience, preferred lines of work of the target studio, position desired, and much more. They do that to find the place that best fits your skills and interests. And they got it!

After some months Patricia offered me the ideal studio, Workshop APD, in the very heart of Manhattan. I fell in love with their projects and in a New York minute, I was having an interview with its Principal. It worked out very well and I immediately started the process to get my visa. That has taken me almost 3 weeks and tomorrow my American Dream starts.

I am very happy I was so lucky to contact Architect-US. I think Workshop/APD studio will be the perfect place for me and I’m going to do my best to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

Mercedes Bernal


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