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My experience with the visa j1 and Architect-US

I’m moving to New York in a few days. I will be in an Engineering Training Program for 18 months. Architect-US has helped me to achieve my J1 visa. In this post I’ll write about how I decided to go to NY and my experience with Architect-US by now.

I always wanted to go to “the structural paradise” with the visa j1 .

I’m a civil engineer and I love structures, of course, it is a big step and right now I’m sometimes thinking: I’m better in Madrid! But if you really want to do it, even if it is difficult, just do it. I will tell you about my experience in the city in the future.

My visa j1 sponsor has been Architect-US and their Professional Career Training Program. Architect-US’s Director, Patricia Garcia, is very kind and it’s easy to work with her. The process to obtain the visa takes time, but it’s not difficult.

Some easy things about this visa j1 program: they give you all the necessary documents you need and it’s easy to contact them if you need something. Other advantages: the group of young people of Architect-US is good to contact other colleagues who are in the same situation as you are (to find a house, a room…).

If you have any questions about my decisions or the program, just contact me!



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