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Esherick House / Louis Kahn

Esherick House is one of the most studied buildings of the American architect Louis Kahn. Located in the Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia.

Louis Kahn formulated principles in this project that are still relevant. The deceptive prostate plan hides a thoughtful design. Selection of materials, pattern of window frames on the facade, solving the issue of lighting and ventilation. All this can be studied with the example of Esherick House.

Louis Kahn often uses the technique of dividing a building into service  rooms and living spaces. We can see on the plan that the building’s functions are enclosed in parallel stripes.

The windows of the main facade are located under the ceiling. This arrangement provides sufficient privacy from the side of the street and good lighting of spaces at the same time.

The side of the building has many small windows. They can be opened for ventilation. There are bathrooms and a kitchen. The back of the house opens onto a garden adjacent to the park. The absence of neighbors on this side allows you to design the largest possible glazing. The living room and dining room open onto this garden. In summer, the window can be fully opened and enjoy complete unity with nature.

Behind the chimney, another window is hidden through which glimpses of the sun enter the house. There are many such hidden tricks in the house.

The house was built in 1961. Now in excellent condition. There is a remarkable trend when architectural monuments are bought by private individuals. People keep buildings in good condition and retain their original function.

Maria Malygina


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