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My J1 Visa application experience with Architect-US

My name is Emilia Björk and I would like to tell you how I ended up working at the super inspiring company Build Academy in New York with the help of Architect-US Professional Career Training Program.

My journey into the Architectural world of America started earlier this year when I got an amazing offer – to work at a New York startup company, Build Academy, focusing on free online education and professional development within Architecture and the Building Industry. The job and training assignments included internationalizing the company, expanding it to new markets and to build the brand of the company. As I’m very passionate about Education, Architecture, and Business strategy, this was an opportunity I could not say no to! But as I was living and working in Copenhagen and India at the moment, I feared acquiring an American work visa would be a cumbersome and long process. My J1 Visa application.

Luckily, the founder of the company, Ivan Shumkov, came across Architect-US through his great network. Already from the first point of contact with Architect-US, I felt encouraged about my J-1 visa application process – they would help me to get my visa from the beginning to the end. My point of contact, Patricia Garcia, was very helpful and always available to answer my questions. She helped me with anything from legal concerns to health insurance, recommendation letters or embassy appointments. And, voilà, sooner than I expected, my visa was ready and I was on my way to New York.

If you are considering developing your professional career in the US, and need assistance with your visa application process, I would highly recommend Architect-US. One thing I really appreciate (apart from assisting you with the entire application process) is that the health insurance is included in the program. An advice I would like to share is that you start the application process early. To gather all documents needed, like reference letters, transcripts and certificates may take much more time than you think. Also, make sure you have a passport that is valid for the whole time-period you are staying in America, so you don’t have to travel back home just to renew it.

Right now I’m sitting at a café in the sun at one of New Yorks bustling avenues admiring the spectacular architecture – grateful that Architect-US helped me end up here!


Emilia Björk


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