Hi Everyone!!! My name is Mario Ferusic, I am an architect from Croacia and will be travelling to New York City in the early September to start my Professional Training Program in a Midtown Manhattan based architecture office.

I have had an enormus desire to go to live to New York City, at least for a time, for a long time, and now it seems that this dream is becoming true with the help of Architect-US and, specifically, because of the support coming from Patricia Garcia.

After a huge work and a long research, I was able to find a good place to do my Training Program, but, definitely, all the Visa process and its endless number of steps to be issued, would not be possible without Architect-US‘s constant help and guide.

If you have a desire to live and experience this amazing city (New York), or any other place in The US, and even more if you are a motivated architect and want to keep growing as a good one in the US, I would strongly encourage you to contact Patricia and her Architect-US Team and ask them for tips and help!

I truly hope to see you all very soon in the City and have a great time with this community!

Looking forward! 


Mario Ferusic


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