The final hours before the big adventure!

In a few hours, I will be boarding my plane for New York! I am impatient, excited and a little feverish. With my internship at Brandon Haw starting in a week and my visa approved last week, I had to finalize my departure and arrival arrangements in a week! It was intense, but I can’t wait to get there and start the adventure!

Sorry – I am getting ahead of myself and forgot to introduce myself and, above all, to tell you how I got here. I have a master’s degree in architecture from France and 8 years’ professional experience in various firms. Curious, passionate and keen to discover other ways of practicing, I decided to try the New York experience. Why here? I discovered it on a trip and, as an architect, I couldn’t remain indifferent to its design and energy. I can’t wait to explore it and the surrounding area even more!

My search led me to Architect-US, who did everything they could to help me find my internship. This provided me with the opportunity to discover Brandon Haw Architecture and their creative and innovative work. Their detailed, technical approach to architecture really appealed to me, and echoes my own architectural practice. After the interview and acceptance of the offer, Architect-US guided me through the visa procedure, which saved me a lot of stress and, above all, took less time than I thought!

The last major step in the process was the appointment at the embassy – I was in a rush to make the since I only had three weeks until the start of my internship. The first appointment I managed to schedule was only 7 days before the start of my internship – far too late! Thankfully with some well placed advice, I kept checking the scheduling website for cancellations and managed to move up my appointment by a week. Once the appointment was over and my visa approval announced, I rushed to do everything I had to do before leaving. Everything is ready for the big adventure, and I’m just one step away from realizing my dream!

Soizic Jouan de Kervenoael


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