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«My journey begins.»

I can now really say this. after the long time preparing for the training program with Architect-US. Finally, My visa was already approved!

Let me introduce myself a little bit. I’m an architect from Thailand, who had never think about working as an architect in the U.S. before ..until I found Architect-US. I believe after working for a while, most of us may think of new challenges of work. Someone might think about working on a bigger project, learning some new skills or even gaining architectural experience abroad. I was also thinking about that. So I applied for the training program in the U.S. with them.

After all of the processes, which I believe Architect-US has already provided details on specific processes. One of the most important is the visa interview. Even if you had completed all the previous processes but the final step to make your dream come true is the visa interview. So, if you missed, it will wasted everything you’ve been prepared and extend the the time you’ve set.

Some countries may be chill, while others, including Thailand, may not. It would be better to prepare everything carefully. I was joining a couple groups on Facebook where people were sharing their interviews experiences of the internship and training program. And the visa approval percentage is 50:50. So I’d like to share some tips on this post.

Fill out and review your DS-160 carefully.

For the briefly describe your duties section, some will be fine to keep it short and clear. But I’d like to make sure, since the interview time is limited. So , I divided it into 3 paragraphs. The first one was about my background. Second, I explained my intention for the program and what I expect to achieve at the end, In the final paragraph, I described my plans for what I will do once I return to my home country. I also mentioned some of the details that I previously put in on my DS-160. (I participated in the 2022 Work and Travel Program.)

Wear proper clothes on the interview date.

I never wore a suit or blazer to the interview, just dress properly and neatly. And I also didn’t wear a lot of makeup. just look lively on the date.

Keep the answers short but to the point.

Since the interview could take between 1-5 minutes. You may not have to give all of the details, only  get the point and relates to the information you filled out on DS-160.

I hope the tips I share will be helpful for everyone!

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