Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

The rodeo

Houston’s rodeo season is The cultural phenomenon in Texas: three weeks of cowboy culture, attracting visitors from far and wide.
As the world’s largest indoor rodeo, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo boasts a thrilling lineup of events, from bull riding and barrel racing to calf scrambles and steer wrestling.
This is a celebration of Texas heritage and the Wild West, with its roots planted in the state’s rich ranching history. The festival immerses visitors in a world of Western tradition, exploring exhibits on agriculture, livestock, and craftsmanship.

How does it work?

The rodeo takes place at the NRG Stadium, the home of the NFL franchise of the Texans, and it’s organized into five Super Series, two Semifinal rounds, two Wild Card rounds, and a Championship round. Each series includes three rounds, one each day.
There are eight contestants in each of the eight rodeo series events. Each series advances the four winners in each event to one of the two Semifinal rounds, where 10 athletes compete in each event.
Both Semifinal rounds send the top four athletes in each event to the Championship, while the remaining six compete in one of the two Wild Card rounds for a second chance at earning a spot in the Championship. From both Wild Card rounds one athlete in each event advances to the Championship.
The Championship includes all 10 athletes competing in each event. The top four advance and immediately ride again in the Championship Shootout Round to determine the event champion.

Is it worth it?

The Houston rodeo, one of the largest attractions in Texas, has its pros and cons. Every attendee looks forward to the annual event so much that people don’t mind driving an hour and a half around the stadium due to the traffic that begins on the freeway and doesn’t end until you’re right outside the gates.
The parking ticket averages $30-50 depending on the distance from the stadium, then there’s the admission fee to the carnival or the concert/rodeo events. Once inside, you have to deal with an ocean of people.
These considerations may sound a little over the top, but it’s still worth paying these prices because of the atmosphere and the rodeo tradition, especially if it’s your first time.
The Houston Rodeo has a special place in many hearts and for those who have never been, I recommend attending at least once, make sure you are prepared for all the expenses that come with it.

Gabriele Perotto


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