Architecture career in the USA
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Architecture career in the USA, yes you can!

When I decided that I wanted to continue my architecture career in the USA, they were all faces of disbelief. Trust a lot in yourself and be determined for anything you want to do, yes you can!

I was about to finish the last year of my career when I felt I wanted to continue growing. Combining the years of study with work had been a hard stage, but thanks to the experience acquired during those years, the American challenge has been more accessible today so I decided to continue my architecture career in the USA.

However, getting it will not depend on how much preparation you think you are ready for this experience, but the confidence you have in getting it.

Every time I talked about my adventure plans, in most cases, the immediate reaction was always the same: “It’s very difficult being a foreigner to get a job in the USA …“, “but … do you speak English?” , “Why would an American company want to hire you? Do you have any contact there?

I never let myself be blocked by the fear of these questions, and even if my spirits sometimes subsided, a greater force inside me shouted “yes you can! I still don’t know how, but it will be possible, why can’t it be impossible?…”

My search started with the desire and confidence that I could get it. At that time I didn’t know anyone who had done what I was going to do. So I started asking friends, and friends of friends. Nothing, no clues. I only found a case of an acquaintance who had been awarded a scholarship for a very specific project.

I continued the search on the internet typing how to work in the USA, I went totally blind. I didn’t know where to start. I started to read all the information about the types of visas, I entered the job search platform … in a short time, I gathered too much information here and there.

Until one day, and not coincidentally, I found a team of people who offered to do exactly what I was looking for developing my architecture career in the USA.

Yes, they are! Architect-US! You can imagine how lucky I felt to find them. All the answers to the questions I had and those I had left to come were found in Architect-US.

Suddenly I was invaded by an immense tranquillity and rest. I found in them my best guide, step by step, I had no doubt where I was going.

I gained tranquillity and the total security that with them it was going to be possible.

If there is a desire, the path is made.

Trust in you, YES YOU CAN!

Helena Sanjuan


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