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DREAM BIG , J1 Visa Proces with ARCHITECT-US!

Even though I already shared on the blog my J1 Visa Process with Architect-US, I feel like I need to do it one more time, since I’m going to pass to my 6th month in Santa Monica soon and I still cannot believe that I have made it so far. Thanks to their amazing team of course!

I still remember so clearly how desperate and frustrated I was back one year ago when I was applying for jobs in the US and did not know anything about that shortly after I will start my J1 Visa Process with Architect-US. I was 100% sure that I want to pursue my professional career there. Hundreds of emails and almost no feedback and even if there was some when it came to the question of sponsoring my visa, none of the companies was willing to do so.

However, since I was so determined and didn’t want to give up on my dream, I started my research by finding another way how to be able to work in America. I have already spent almost 6 months in the US before, working at a summer camp in New Hampshire. It was a great experience and a lot of fun, but not what I was studying for 6 years at the university and I also wanted to have some architectural work experience.

I will be forever praising the day when I found out about Architect-US and I started my J1 Visa Process with Architect-US. Suddenly there was a hope, everything has become so much clearer and I’ve seen a bright future for me in America. Of course, in the beginning, my expectations were not very high because I knew how difficult it is to get any kind of American visa. After scrolling through their website/blog and reading the reviews from other participants, I decided to subscribe and pay the initiation fee.

From the two options, their Program offers I chose the one where they find the perfect work opportunity for you and then sponsor your J1 visa. Although the job search started pretty slowly for me, I was included in several selection processes but unfortunately, there were candidates more suitable for the offered positions. After a few months, the day has finally come and I was selected for an interview by one firm in New York City.

The interview went very well and in a few weeks, I got a job offer. Unfortunately, due to tightened regulations, the company was not meeting the requirements to get my visa sponsored so in the end, I had to keep waiting for another offer. If something like this happens it’s very important to stay focused and do not give up. After this unexpected turn of events, I’ve become even more determined and was working really hard on my portfolio to make it shine for another firm.

Especially thanks for managing my J1 Visa Process with Architect-US to Emilia Stefanova, her professionalism, and hard work, I was assured that I will get a new job offer very soon and that I’m their highest priority. A month later after an interview with KFA Architecture in Santa Monica, I was offered a job. Since it’s a pretty big company and they’ve already had a previous experience with Architect-US, this time everything worked out without any complication.

Once I got a job and the hosting company was approved by the sponsor, the visa process took literally only 4 weeks and I was already sitting in the plane with a stamp in my passport heading towards my new adventure ( I didn’t even expect how smooth and quick the process could be and I remember how stressed I was before my departure because everything happened so fast ). And here I am, living my American dream, working for an amazing company and enjoying every single day here.

With that said, if you decide to pursue your professional career in America, choosing to manage my J1 Visa Process with Architect-US is definitely the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to do so. Unless you want to marry someone and get a green card or apply for a work visa that is usually just a lottery and a pretty long process. However, please be aware that it could take some time so be patient and don’t give up if you don’t get a job offer right away ( sometimes even after your interview the companies tend to take a lot of time to make their final decision ). To start my journey with them was the best decision I have made so far. I will be forever grateful for all the help, the support I received from all the members of their team. So dream BIG with Architect-US because they will make your dreams come true.

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