3 Ways for you to be powerful and confident at your next interview

We have compiled three key ways in which you can improve your confidence and be powerful at your next architecture interview. These are proven techniques and will help you to slow down and make the best first impression.

It is very important to calm your nerves, as it is very normal for people to get nervous before an interview. Make sure that your mind and body are in sync so you properly show who you are. Try to shift the interview away from having power over another, but rather power with another through collaboration.

First, you should try to calm down and find balance before entering into your interview. For example, you can bring a photo or listen to a song that relaxes you and takes you to a special place that helps you go to another place. Another option is to breath deeply through your nose and take long breaths that fill your lungs and hold the breath. For example, by slowing down your breath to four breaths per minute, it will make it less likely for you to be nervous.

Second, you should try to get your mind and body in sync to properly convey yourself. Stand up for yourself by standing in a power pose for two minutes with your feet spaced similar to the space between your shoulders, and with your hands on your hips.

  • Many different studies have shown that this power pose helps you to gain confidence. Another option that has been shown to work through different studies is looking upwards. It creates a warm up before the interview and can lift up your mood by looking in a positive direction, upwards.
  • Of course you can always just…Smile!! It reduces your stress and improves your immune system! You can even laugh too!

Third, is to create a sense of Power with, rather than Power over. What does that mean? It means you want to mutually insure that there is a fit. You want to make it a conversation and ask good questions that makes the decision makers feel like you care and you have put in the necessary research.

  • Say in the beginning that you are happy to talk about yourself and that you hope to both share the goal of ensuring a proper fit, so I plan on asking some questions to understand this aspect.
  • Imagine that you are already working for the person that is interviewing you. In this way, you make it a more positive interaction and it makes you feel less stressed out.

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