New York, I’m on my way!

The first time that I went to New York I was 13 years old, since then, I say that I will live in that city. No matter what. The years went by, I grew up, study Architecture in Lisbon and Milan, and started to work in Portugal. Everything was going well, but I wanted more, I wanted New York.

Firstly, I did some research to discover the best way to follow my dream, I updated my portfolio and I tried. For almost a year I was working on this and then I got in Architect-US pool of candidates! It wasn’t easy, the time passed and I wasn’t receiving any requests for interviews. But I didn’t gave up.

I quit my job and put all of my focus on these goal. I had several interviews and within a month I was able to receive three proposals. Therefore, i got the opportunity to choose where to work! It was really good to be able to choose the right place for me, where I will be working in the projects that I am more interested  and related about.

One month and a half later, after all the papers and all the necessary steps, I had my Embassy appointment to get my visa. Now I’m enjoying the last days at home, before getting in a plane to make my dream come true! It was a long and difficult path to get here, but Architect-US was always on my side to give me all the support and help with my questions and doubts. In conclusion, it would be much more difficult to get through these without these team! I feel really thankful for all the support in turning this adventure into a reality. I still can’t believe it’s really happening, but it’s true. New York, be ready, because I’m on my way! 

Catarina Fernandes


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