Summer is coming

Living in Houston you can easily say when the summer is coming: temperature down here are getting height pretty fast and the perfect moment for crawfish has come! During the past weekend I had in fact the great occasion to eat this typical seafood (originally from Luisiana) with all my colleagues. One of the firm’s partner is also a great chef so that we spend one day all together, eating all the delicious things he made.

What a great moment to relax and share a day with all the people that everyday contibute to make me feel at home.

I couldn’t be luckier that this. And this is something that I’ve found myself thinking everyday. The warm hospitality from Southern people it’s a fact.

If I start to think about myself just a few months ago I realized how many fears I had. Deciding to move to the other side of the world, starting to work there has been a huge change and of course, that doesn’t come without facing new challenges. But I really have to thanks Architect-US for that. They have been really by my side for every step of the process and I couldn’t be more thankful than this.

With the Memorial Day coming I hope I can take some days off and make a trip somewhere in the States. There is so much I really want to see and few months are already gone so that I really need to start thinking about the places that I want to visit and make a plan to visit them all.

I’ll keep you posted!

Federica Ferremi


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