Arrival to sunny LA :D

Hi 🙂

My name is Victor, I am from Madrid and I just arrived to Los Angeles, California, thanks of the help of Architect-US. What a great people! Thank you all.

I’m coming from Ireland. After four years living there (such a beautiful country by the way) the weather here feels incredibly pleasant! All the time!!

People from my new office https://kfalosangeles.com/people/ seem to be very nice: they arranged for me a great housing deal. I will be living in a lovely detached house in a nice area, 30 minutes walk from the office and close to a train station. Besides my room is the attic with ensuite.

First morning I wake up here at around 7.00 am. I listen the birds lurking out of my window, it’s sunny and fresh so I go down to make some coffee and go straight way to the back garden ready to do some meditation. Coming from Ireland where it’s cold and cloudy all the time, this sun is feeling like heaven! Sipping some coffee while reading for a bit, suddenly I realise some weird noise under the fallen leaves around me and it’s like ‘okay, first snake, oh my God, just slowly backwards’ (see, in Ireland there are no snakes because St. Patrick expelled them all and I don’t like them!!!) but hey, what’s that? Oooh it’s a cute big turtle!! She lengthens her neck, looks at me for a few seconds, looks ahead not looking very interested in me and keeps slowly pacing to the other side of the garden. She’s so funny!

First thing I want to do after: all.

But first I think I should go through my “arrival to-do list”. Some of them seem to be boring but hey, being here just to get out of the house and walk through the street is such an experience!

It’s been difficult, it’s been hard at some points to make emotionally speaking difficult choices but I’m so glad to be here. I’m so excited to discover it all!!

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