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Also my time has come, in one day I will be finally on the plane that will take me to Nyc, and I am over the moon. The process has been long and bumpy, but luck was on my side: thanks to Space4Architecture I got to know Architects-Us that made the dream of working in the States a dream come true.

I am Giulia Pierotti, and I am a young Italian Architect. I have been spending my academic years in a city I fell deeply in love with: Milano. Coming from a small town near Verona, Milano was for me a significant chance of growth and independence. During my Master of Architecture at Politecnico di Milano I felt the urge to escape from what I was loving so much to experience something new, to open myself to something different; a six months “adventure” in Australia. My exchange experience there was lifechanging, and right after graduation, I knew I had to keep on going and explore different opportunities. I traveled to the United States more than once, loved the bigness of everything that surrounded me and decided to give it a try; once you make it to New York you should be able to make it anywhere (that’s what I thought, let’s see what will actually happen in the next months).

I started right away with the research of the perfect firm for me. I literally sent hundreds of emails and probably as you all know, it isn’t so easy to get a sponsor. Just when I was starting to lose hope, I began to receive positive replies. Among all the emails I sent one of the firms that got back to me was Space4Architecture. I managed to schedule an interview, and that was a good starting point, I tried to keep my feet on the ground but then came the second one, and everything started to become more real. That’s when I discovered Architects-Us. I got in touch with Patricia who was always eager to help me and clarify all my doubts in order to make the right choice and to do everything correctly not to lose time. The procedure took a while due to the Site Visit, so you just have to hang tight, but before you know it, you’ll be at the embassy ready for the interview and waiting for your visa to be approved. Visa approved, I just have to pick it up, pack my bag and I am ready to go. Next week I will be starting my internship, I am excited and can’t wait to start. The following chapter of this adventure will be finding a room, but I am already working on it and will let you know how it goes!

Giulia Pierotti

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