March Portfolio Challenge Winner is a Center for Culture and Extracurricular Education

February was a month full of top notch projects ranging from cultural housing to modular living to creative out of this world designs, but March is a new month with incredible top notch projects that range from port reformation to recycling centers to culture spaces.

With 7 artists’ work being presented throughout the month on all of our different platforms, we have the final winner with the most likes on Instagram!!

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The winner of the $30 Amazon Gift Card for this month, the month of March is Ahmet Can Güven’s Education and Cultural Center, which garnered the most likes on Instagram with 62 likes in February!!

Ahmet Can Güven joins us for their first time in the Architect-US Portfolio Challenge, and he submitted his project called Education and Cultural Center, which is a design for as the title mentions, a space for education and cultural preservation. The project took place in Turkey and was built in different modular sections that allow for the cultural space to include open natural space within the center. As you can see in the images, he shows each phase from the Schematic design to the Design Development to the final construction of the space.

Ahmet was able to make his way to Design with FRANK in New York City for 6 months during an internship in 2021. Now he is back in Turkey looking to make his way back to the USA for a longer period of time as a full-time architect. Before that Ahmet was working in Turkey for a firm called Bashar Design, which allowed him to practice his skills he learned in Milan.

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If you want to see more by Ahmet Can Güven, scroll down to the bottom to find the rest of his project, Education and Cultural Center!

Thank you to everyone who had their work presented in the month of March!! 😁😁 We want to make sure that they all get more exposure! 👀👀

In second place was Ignacio Igarzabal’s Relocation of itinerant merchants in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which garnered over 31 likes on Instagram. Ignacio, an architect from Argentina, sought to create an eco-sustainable park that has mix-use such as an outdoor and indoor marketplace, residential spaces near park green, a cyclist park, and a green park for people to collaborate and relax. Ignacio graduated from Facultad de Arquitectura – Universidad Católica de Córdoba – Córdoba, Argentina and has always been a proponent of the circular economies. During mid 2019 he got the opportunity to work in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at EDSA, where he was able to practice his 3D modeling, rendering, and construction documents. Before that he worked in Cordoba, Argentina at Estudio Montevideo, which is where he was able to form himself as a Lead project manager, and focus on sustainability design.

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In third place was Manuel Mateu Sanchis’ Metamorphosis, which garnered over 24 likes on Instagram.Last time he submitted a project called Pop-up Living. Metamorphosis is a design for a housing space that incorporates water canals that are incorporated into the individual house designs. Manuel goes into detail about the landscaping around the houses and the community spaces that have the walkways flow along with the river canals. Manuel has architects in his family, as his father and his grandfather have been architects since he was a child. This consistent interaction with the design world has inevitably led to his strong passion for the architecture profession. He is an experienced contributor with a demonstrated history of working in the architecture & planning industry. When he finished school, he started his studies in architecture, at the Polytechnic University of Valencia ( ETSAV), where he discovered a new world of possibilities.

In fourth place was Guillermo del Rio’s Hornsteinar, which garnered over 11 likes on Instagram. He started working on this project during his time at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM) and he was interested in trying to create a positive environment for the creative arts. After finishing his Masters in 2018 he traveled from Madrid to Iceland to California, all in a matter of a couple of years! Now he his is working at McGinnis Chen Associates in San Francisco after being let go from Corgan  in Los Angeles due to the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. Hornsteinar focuses on the design of recycling areas for outdoor areas that promote the recycling of a variety of different materials, while making it simple to use. As you can see below, Guille provides us with an outline in terms of how each section works and why he chose to place each container in each spot.

Images by Ahmet Can Güven

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