Miguel de la Ossa has been an incredible part of the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program and through his work and focus he was able to get work in the USA. Miguel used this opportunity to test his rendering skills and provide a landscape for his creativity to run wild. The concept defined within the project called EXPRESS WEDDING CHAPEL IN EUROVEGAS, was focused on designing the chapel for a wedding in a European version of Vegas. In Las Vegas, there is a phenomenon centered around express weddings, and the Elvis Presley led events, so Miguel doubled down on this concept within his design.

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In 2016, Miguel joined our program, and very soon after was offered the chance to work in New York City with Cetra Ruddy. He got to stay there until 2018, and was able to learn more about construction documentation and client facing. Now he is in Spain working as an Architect with Estudio Herreros.

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Images by Miguel de la Ossa

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