Keet Women

Asazak Azvahiransiri is an architect based out of Thailand and this is their first submission to the Portfolio Challenge, so we are excited to introduce the community to Asazak’s work. In their 2nd year of Bachelor, Chair of Building Construction and Material Science, Technical University Munich he created this project, Keet Women, that seeks to lay out how a 3-story row house can provide a diversity of quality living.

To create these wonderful renders and detailed designs, Asazak used Rhino, Moviecinema4d, and AutoCAD.

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The project took place in Bogenhausen neighbourhood Munich. It represents an innovative approach to densification in a city. This 3-story row house provides a diversity of quality living. A skylight and a dramatic south-facing continuous window slot bring ample light into what could otherwise be a dark and narrow living space. Altogether, these highlight the sensation of extreme verticality and transform mundane everyday tasks into a dynamic spatial experience.

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How would you create a cohabitating space that provides a diversity of ways to liveLeave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Images by Asazak Azvahiransiri

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