FAR+DANG Selected Projects #3

F A R + D A N G is a multidisciplinary design office engaged in the complexities and multiplicities of contemporary life. Their research, their strategy, and their work focuses on transforming intangible ideas into spatial realities and physical form. They are interested in taking a project from its initial conception to its final built form. The firm is formed by two visionary architects based out of Dallas, Texas, and their names form part of the firm’s name. Faruqui and Dang. F A R + D A N G.

F A R + D A N G was formed in January of 2011 and has since been working on projects of all different types and scales. F A R + D A N G is constantly fine-tuning the process and the technique, which in turn, progresses the work. Their goal is to heighten the immaterial such as ideas, hopes, and space, by way of the material such as site, structure, and enclosure. Regardless of context, scale, and budget, this remains their goal. Find their three projects being posted today towards the end of the blog.

Dang said during an interview with Surface Magazine, “Even at a very young age, I was attracted to endeavors that were related to the arts such as painting and sculpture. As I got older, I was fascinated with film and cinematography, as well as geometry and things made very precisely with minimal means. Architecture seemed like a natural discipline as it’s a bit rational, a bit intuition-driven.”

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Sanae Khalil plans on joining F A R + D A N G at some point this year, as she was planning on going in March 2020. Sanae has been working as a BIM Coordinator, and has been involved in the development of international projects in the United States, Dominican Republic and Spain. She looks forward to getting the chance to share her skills and learn from the team at FAR+DANG soon!

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As you scroll through the following three projects they have created, consider all of these design techniques and ideas they have implemented.

F A R + D A N G Second Batch of Selected Projects

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F A R + D A N G

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