Finding the Perfect Offer in the Perfect City

You may be dreaming of New York and then get a great offer from Los Angeles… How do you decide whether to take it or continue pushing for the Big Apple? Here’s our (professional) advice.

When the participants register with us, some of them already have a clear idea of where exactly they want to go. Most common desire is the big city which is the “typical” American dream. Well, that is understandable, but don’t be surprised to know that not all the best companies are there!

The most important thing when you decide to set off on a journey is to find a company that matches your profile and will help you to develop your career the way you need it for your future – this should be your main goal. Imagine spending 18 months in a company that doesn’t fulfill your dreams and your daily routine is just being in NY – at the end, you are only losing your time so we highly encourage you to prioritize location according to the opportunity.

Big cities that never sleep are amazing: the variety of people, the endless activities but also the stress, the busy public transports, and the fast lifestyle that doesn’t allow you to breathe, the pollution… Sometimes it is easier to make friends in smaller places and go deep in the American culture. What is clear is wherever you move you should take advantage and travel around the country as much as you can. Fortunately, in the U.S.  you have all the options of nature: beaches, rivers, mountains…

We get quite a lot of questions relating to the range of salary… Well, this is a very polemic topic and it really depends on your experience, educational background, and the company itself. Our policy is to never accept unpaid positions and one of our values is offering the participant opportunities that can cover your visa cost and living expenses in the U.S. There is a minimum salary required by law ($1300/month), and we have rarely witnessed architectural companies offer as “little” as this. If you get a good offer, don’t let the opportunity pass you by – the experiences you will have in the USA will be well worth it! Of course, no salary in the world is ever enough for us but let’s not forget ourselves – as young professionals, we can’t expect to be paid as much as the Principal there is… Us architects usually have a pretty big ego because we get to design the world around us, but…patience is key…

We have a variety of participants in different cities, you can have a look at their testimonials, and none of them have regrets about where they are because they are taking advantage of every unique to that city experience and they live and grow distinctly in Miami, Chicago, Boston, Washington, San Francisco, Tuscon, NYC and many more!

So follow your dream wherever it may lead you because isn’t that the whole point of living? Check out the Weekly Openings by the main cities.



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